Three photos: A white senior lady in a blue Victorian style dress; two young Black boys play basketball outdoors; an open pit gold mine seen from the sky

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Sunday, August 7

Tents and an emergency shelter in People's Park

1. People’s Park, the police, and the solution that isn’t

Stephen Kimber looked at different aspects of the place known as “People’s Park”: how it started, what might happen, and its roots in decisions made decades ago.

Monday, August 8

An illustration of Muskrat Falls damn1. Higher power bills on the way as delays continue at Muskrat Falls

Jennifer Henderson had details on ongoing delays in the promised flow of hydroelectricity from Labrador’s Muskrat Falls, and why that would probably mean higher power bills for Nova Scotians.

Two white people get married in a lavish wedding2. Morning File: Going to the chapel again, and again, and again

Ethan Lycan-Lang wrote about the backlog of weddings now that restrictions are lifted, and drew parallels between two People’s Parks, one in Halifax and the other in Berkeley, California.

Tuesday, August 9

an illustration of Muskrat Falls dam1. What politicians say they will do about higher power bills stemming from delays at Muskrat Falls

Jennifer Henderson asked Progressive Conservative, Liberal, and NDP spokespeople, “What action would your party take to protect ratepayers from even higher power bills associated with delays in receiving hydro from Muskrat Falls?” and they responded.

A white older lady in historic dress feeding a goat2. Morning File: The dedicated interpreters living Nova Scotia’s history

Suzanne Rent wondered why many news articles on staff shortages never include interviews with staff, and she interviewed several people who have spent years working and volunteering as interpreters at some of the province’s museums. And she looked at regional naming traditions.

Wednesday, August 10

A blue three-storye house with white trim1. Halifax council votes to legalize rooming houses despite suburban and rural parking concerns

Zane Woodford reported on a hearing on Tuesday to consider second reading of land-use bylaw amendments to permit shared housing uses like rooming houses or single-room occupancies, or supportive housing. Councillors were generally supportive, but worried about having enough parking spaces.

a massive open pit mine2. Nova Scotia Environment minister approved Signal Gold’s open pit mine at Goldboro despite concerns and criticisms from scientists in his own department

Joan Baxter reported on the continued rush for gold on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, in horrifying detail: “One of the open pits will be 128 metres below sea level, about twice as deep as Fenwick Towers in Halifax is tall.”

a campfire3. Morning File: Fired up about fire

Yvette d’Entremont reported on a budget increase for the Newcomer Health Clinic in Halifax. Philip Moscovitch wrote about Tim Houston getting ditched by one of his friends. He looked at how fire is central to the camping experience, and why humans are in love with burning things. He also gave us a brief lesson on using alt text.

Thursday, August 11

Gus the Tortoise1. The Tideline: Gus is 100!

Halifax’s real mascot, and the world’s oldest known living gopher tortoise, celebrates his 100th hatchday.

a screenshot of a facebook posts2. Morning File: National Police Federation: Nova Scotians love the RCMP!

Philip Moscovitch pointed us to two storeies, one about cruise ships, exorbitant fees, and the Cape Breton Miners Museum, and another about Everwind Fuels lobbying for federal money, both by Mary Campbell in the Cape Breton spectator. He also took a look at OurNSRCMP, a website “full of terrible graphics and non-proofread materials, that offers opaquely sourced statistics.”

Nicole Green, a white woman with dark hair3. Halifax police argue their officer made ‘unlawful arrest’ in submission to Nova Scotia Police Review Board

Const. Nicole Green was found in disciplinary default after the arrest, docked eight hours pay and ordered to take deescalation training. She appealed that; lawyers for Green and Halifax Regional Police filed written closing arguments in late July, and the Halifax Examiner received copies this week. Zane Woodford had the details.

Two Black youths playing basketball outdoors4. New Glasgow Black Gala Homecoming event returns after pandemic postponements

Matthew Byard interviewed several members of the Homecoming committee to learn how the event started, what they have planned for this year, and how they’re moving forward despite the loss of two years and some very dear people.

Friday, August 12

The Milky Way and a shooting star1. Morning File: Starry with a chance of showers

Tim Bousquet poked his head back in the office to give us the latest COVID update (he’s supposed to be on vacation.) Yvette d’Entremont wrote about Virtual Hallway, a new program expected to improve patient access to specialist care, announced by Nova Scotia Health (NSH) on Thursday. People’s Park was officially shut down. Ethan Lycan-Lang looked forward to the Perseid meteor shower this weekend, and encouraged us to see KOQM, a one-woman play by Mi’kmaw poet and storyteller shalan joudry.

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