Three photos: An Indigenous woman and a Black man make a combined hand gesture, a tree reflected in a lake, a white man breathes into a paper bag.

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Saturday, August 7

Hundreds rally for Owls Head

Yvette d’Entremont went to Victoria Park, where several hundred people were riled up over the Liberal government’s handling of what should continue to be a protected wilderness area, and not some rich American’s newest shiny bauble.

Sunday, August 8

The candidates’ debate, take two

Stephen Kimber read through the comments he got on his previous week’s article about the leaders’ debate, and discussed some of the more thoughtful points that were offered. And some of the not-so-thoughtful ones, too.

Monday, August 9

1. Black News File

Matthew Byard went to Halifax’s first Emancipation Day celebration; the Apex Invitational Golf Tournament returns to Truro; Kathy-Ann Johnson received the Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award; an exhibit honouring Africville opened at the Halifax Convention Centre; Future Stars of Basketball; Jermaine Colley and Aries Spears were on In Case You Missed It.

2. Morning File: How Darrell Geddes got screwed by Air Canada and what he’s doing about it

Jennifer Henderson advised us to watch the riding of Guysborough-Tracadie on Election Night; Tim Bousquet explored a recent Small Claims Court decision over a cancelled flight; Stephen Archibald explored the Eastern Shore.

3. 7 new cases of COVID-19 over 3 days announced in Nova Scotia on Monday, August 9

The details you’ve come to expect, plus those pretty vaccination pie charts. Look at the size of that green section!

Tuesday, August 10

1. Candidates address mental health and substance abuse issues

Yvette d’Entremont attended a virtual panel where Claudia Chender, Zach Churchill, and Brian Comer shared their parties’ platforms. They responded to questions about detox wait lists, pharmacare, the challenges facing historically marginalized communities, the social component of healing and recovery, and much more.

2. Morning File: For good customer service, skip the hissy fit

Pub owners in Cape Breton said they can’t find any workers, and Suzanne Rent reminded us that there are two parts to “customer service”. Plus: Remember the meningitis outbreak? And the drama-free vaccinations? Oh, the good old days.

3. Teachers: political parties are ignoring school reopening

Teachers and parents are on edge because there’s no back-to-school plan. Yvette d’Entremont talked to NSTU president Paul Wozney, and mother of two, Laura Hobbs.

4. 1 new case of COVID-19 announced on Tuesday, August 10

Another COVID update, another new case, another look at those lovely green sections on the pie chart.

Wednesday, August 11

1. Morning File: A picture’s worth a thousand votes

Ethan Lycan-Lang accepted that our current way of life is unsustainable, and looked deep into the eyes of dozens of political candidates…some of whom seem almost human.

2. Poll: Liberals still lead, but PCs and NDP are gaining ground

Yvette d’Entremont reported on a poll of potential voters by Narrative Research. Is a minority government a possibility?

3. 3 new cases of COVID-19 announced in Nova Scotia on Wednesday, August 11

Three travel-related cases, two pie charts, one person in ICU.

4. Halifax landlords ‘skirt the law’ by making month-to-month leases more expensive

Zane Woodford had the first article of our Housing Crisis series, in which he looked at the sneaky (and possibly illegal) way landlords keep tenants stuck in annual leases.

Thursday, August 12

1. Halifax committee recommends in favour of development proposal with ‘funky and fun’ clock

You know what’s not funky and fun? Icicles and hurricanes. Zane Woodford looked at three development proposals, two on Gottingen Street and one on Maynard.

2. Morning File: Let’s all work to make Blue Mountain–Birch Cove Lakes National Park a reality

Chris Miller contributed a lovely piece about why we need this park. Tim Bousquet looked at vaccine passports and the politicization of Public Health. The fires in California weighed heavily on his mind too, and he worried about “our immense capacity at normalizing even the worst trauma.”

3. 7 cases of COVID-19 announced in Nova Scotia on Thursday, August 12, but 3 of them are older cases not previously reported

A confusing announcement, but as usual Tim did his best to figure it out so we don’t have to. Mmmm…pie charts…

Friday, August 13

1. Committee approves new 12-storey development for Great Wall site in downtown Halifax

It’s generic AND blocky, but it has a massive windowless wall, so there’s that. Zane Woodford took a look at the renderings. He also wrote about Package B of the Centre Plan, which will make the Design Review Committee “almost redundant.”

2. Can vaccine passports be justified in a free society? We asked constitutional lawyer Wayne MacKay to weigh in

Linda Pannozzo asked him what the fallout would be from an ethical, constitutional, and human rights perspective. Read this before you engage in arguments on facebook.

3. Morning File: There’s a lot to take in right now. Just breathe

We got a double dose of Ethan Lycan-Lang this week. He looked at how to best avoid going over the edge into existential despair; followed along as the Twitterverse schooled Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change; and watched a ball game in a real field of dreams. Plus: Ethan has a fan.

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