Today’s guest writer for Morning File is Lewis Rendell. Lewis is a queer woman of mixed indigenous ancestry, occasional writer and Tim Bousquet’s (often unsolicited) consultant on millennial culture. You can find her on Twitter at @AtomBombshell. Tim returns tomorrow, with the story about one small town’s monorail-like plan to save itself.

On campus
In the harbour


1. Jacob Keating found safe

27-year-old Jacob Keating has been found safe after being reported missing from Halifax’s Abbie J. Lane hospital on June 30.

As CTV Atlantic previously reported, Keating’s family believed he was near Cavendish, PEI, as his abandoned tent (which he purchased the day of his disappearance) was located in the area yesterday afternoon. They were correct–the man was located at Marco Polo Land campground.

2. Examineradio, episode 68

CKDU Programming Development Director Francella Fiallos with Examineradio producer Russell Gragg
CKDU Programming & Development Director Francella Fiallos with Examineradio producer Russell Gragg

This week we chat with Gridlock Festival main guy Jeremy McNeil about the creation of a brand new music fest in Halifax. We hope it’s successful, but the lack of fiddle music and Keith’s doesn’t fill us with hope. Still, if indie rock, comedy, craft beer and food trucks appeal to you, you have one week to snap up tickets.

Plus, cops. And drugs. And money. We know where the former are (hauled in front of the Board of Commissioners). The other two? Good question.

Halifax Regional Police seen fleeing the vicinity of the Evidence Room
Halifax Regional Police seen fleeing the vicinity of the Evidence Room

Listen here:

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3. Megan Leslie has no beads in her bonnet

Megan Leslie
Megan Leslie

CBC reports that former MP Megan Leslie is stoked about the federal government’s decision to classify plastic microbeads as a toxic substance, opening the door for a ban on the tiny exfoliators that accumulate in bodies of water and pose a risk to aquatic life.

The beads may exfoliate skin, but the same effects can be achieved through more sustainable means–even major brands like St. Ives and Biore have offered products with biodegradable exfoliating elements for a long time.

I’m inclined to think that the plastic beads were introduced solely for their cosmetic value–fluorescent orange beads suspended in a clear, citrus-scented matrix are a heck of a lot more marketable and visually appealing than brown, ground walnut shells flecked in a thick, white paste.

I’m inclined to think this because I was once a teenager who decided to change facial cleanser brands based on how slick the packaging looked and now carry immense amounts of guilt about the havoc the citrus-y beads I kicked down my drain have wrought on the Great Lakes.

I’ll personally apologize to Megan Leslie the next time I run into her on a morning coffee run and more ceremoniously to Gitche Gumee the next time I go home to northern Ontario.

4. Halifax’s Muslim community holds second annual Ramadan food drive

Members of Halifax’s Muslim community held a food drive yesterday to coincide with Ramadan celebrations, Susan Bradley reports for CBC. The drive was called ‘Share the Spirit of Ramadan,’ held in part because folks in Nova Scotia who observe the Muslim holy month fast for over 18 hours a day, and as the initiative’s coordinator Asraa El-Darahali is quoted, “So they feel what hunger really feels like.”

Feed Nova Scotia, Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre, Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank and homeless shelters around the city will be on the receiving end of the drive’s proceeds, a fabulous gesture in a month reserved for self-reflection and empathy.


1. Cape Bretoner in a pickle

Folks in Atlantic Canada are still collectively losing their shit over the disappearance of mustard pickles from grocery store shelves. The Cape Breton Post lent an ear to one such fellow for…some reason?

2. What colour is red?

Over on Facebook, Halifolks posted this delightful interaction with a Mi’kmaq linguist. The preservation of indigenous languages is one thing I hope my generation manages not to mess up.


I tried very hard not to notice this propane company’s advertisement at the future site of this year’s Lebanese Festival but here we are.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.48.39 AM


No public meetings.

On campus

No events scheduled.

In the harbour

Currently scheduled:

5am: Atlantic Sail, ro-ro container, arrives at berth Fairview Cove from Liverpool, Enlgand
7am: Tortugas, car carrier, arrives at Pier 27 from Southhampton, England
7:15am: Nolhanava, ro-ro cargo, arrives at Pier 36 from Saint-Pierre
10am: Oceanex Sanderling, ro-ro container,arrives at Pier 41 from St. John’s
10am: Tortugas, car carrier, moves from Pier 27 to Autoport
11am: Lady M I I, a big honking yacht that is leased out to people with more money than sense and arrived yesterday, moves from Foundation Wharf to Pier 9
3pm: Lady M I I, yacht, moves from Pier 9 back to Foundation Wharf
4pm: Atlantic Sail, ro-ro container, sails from berth Fairview for New York


Tim returns tomorrow, likely with a tan and a hangover.

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