Wake up, Tim. It’s time to introduce another clip!
Wake up, Tim. It’s time to introduce another clip!

This week is a special Halifax Examiner Subscription Drive episode. We look back on some of the highlights of nearly two years’ worth of this podcast and radio show, including interviews with former MPs Megan Leslie and Peter Stoffer, Toronto Star journalist Alex Boutilier and lawyer-turned-author Philip Slayton. Oh, and Mayor Mike Savage.

Plus, Tim reviews the performance of Halifax’s newest city councillors at their first council meeting, a rare sighting of the ever-elusive MP Andy Fillmore, and they elected a bag of racist, rancid orange Jell-O™ south of the border.

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  1. Wow that ‘article’ by Southey was epic. As one of the comments on the Globe site puts it –

    ‘What we have here is the emotional and mental breakdown of a pseudo journalist.’

    No current data, or even any attempt to use citations. Media elite loses it over being called media elite, that was the trigger warning needed here lolololol.

    1. Tabatha Southey is a columnist, not a journalist. Her job is to set forth her opinion.

      1. I find these distinctions confusing, as the G&M classifies Margaret Wente’s work as journalism, as she is a columnist/opinion writer. For example, in reference to one of MW’s column’s – “the journalism in this instance did not meet the standards of The Globe and Mail.”

        By the G&Ms standards, and my opinion (among many others) on the quality of that column, I’d say pseudo journalist isn’t an unreasonable conclusion. But that’s just the liquor talkin’.:)

        Maybe next time, she could talk to the people she is talking about.

        1. Have you visited Breitbart in the last 18 months? There is more, a whole hell of a lot more to this than disgruntled middle class white voters giving the middle finger to the political establishment.
          The bottom line here is that the civil war never really ended, it just evolved into something a lot more abstract. Slavery gave way to Jim Crow laws, which further evolved into political racism such as the republican “Southern Strategy”. The difference between this election and others in recent history is that they stopped trying to be as abstract this time around- He just laid it out there, and got the response he knew was there.
          He started feeling out his base years ago with his “birther” bullshit. It worked incredibly well, have you ever seen the percentage of Americans that believe Obama was actually a Muslim born in Kenya? But, I guess prejudice had no part in that either?
          The same people that would not admit they were voting for Trump are not going to admit they have racist views….. At least most of them, but I have to say I’ve been pretty amazed at how many people are now willing to make racist statements on Facebook using their real names in the last six months.

          This is fascism. Trump has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t respect the law, the constitution or democracy itself. I have never watched an American politician muse about refusing to concede in the event he lost, encourage his base to attack dissenters, encourage hate towards the media, etc etc etc….. The list is endless.

          So the news today is that Trump wants Steve Bannon for his chief of staff…… If that’s not a clear indication of where this is headed, I don’t know what is. And with a republican congress and senate, there is nobody that can stop him.

          Fear mongering? Give him a few months. He was already tweeting about the media encouraging the “professional protesters” last night……. This is a man with a very thin skin, incredibly vindictive to those he feels are against him, has threatened the media, and has no limits on stat he’ll say to maintain the support of his “Alt Right” base.
          Reagan didn’t behave like this.

          1. Yeah, that’s one opinion. One that Donald J will happily plaster all over his wall. You should have read the above article from Cramer. Or if you did, heed it’s core message. It’s the last paragraph – before deciding what is and what isn’t.

            For what it’s worth, there’s a lot of black, youth, and female Americans who are a lot less bothered by Trump than you are. These are the people who didn’t vote Clinton where they voted for Obama, and put Trump in power.

            For Southey and the like, I can only come to the conclusion that math is hard.

          2. Wrong.
            A lot of Trump voters previously voted for Obama in 2008.
            Broad statements which call voters racists, bigots etc are predominantly made by people who have never met voters or spoken to a few dozen voters and then write columns which reflect their personal bias as well as their laziness in deciding not to make the effort to get out and about in communities.
            Ivory tower journalism.
            The Guardian has just such an article today

          3. Did disgruntled working class voters vote for Trump? Certainly some did, and some had voted for Obama previously. But that doesn’t change the fact that the “Alt Right” comprised a large portion of his base, and it’s self described leader ran Trumps campaign…….. Many people vote republican, or conservative in general…… Second amendment people, evangelicals etc etc…… But who was the first group Trump targeted? Day one when he announced he was running? He went after Mexicans, calling them rapists and criminals. Now if that isn’t sending up a flag I dint know what is.

            If you’re not familiar with the republican southern strategy or Steve Bannon I could see how you could follow the narrative that it’s just the electorate looking for change…….. But when you look at who these people really are, and what they have been working towards for a long time, it’s gets very scary.

            Go look at what Lee Atwater had to say about the “southern strategy ” and tell me again that I’m wrong. He’s only man that managed both Reagan campaigns, and I believe Bush the first when he ran the infamous “Willie Hortom” commercials.