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For the first time this week, Nova Scotia is reporting no new COVID deaths today (Friday, Feb. 18).

There are today a total of 362 people in hospital who either now have COVID or once did have COVID, as follows:
• 66 admitted because of COVID symptoms, 11 of whom are in ICU. Those 90 range in age from 0 to 93 years old, and their average age is 63;
• 128 admitted to hospital for other reasons but who tested positive for COVID during the admissions screening or who were admitted for COVID but no longer require specialized care;
• 168 who contracted COVID in the hospital outbreaks

The 66 people now hospitalized because of COVID have the following vaccination status:
• 21 (31.8%) have had 3 doses
• 27 (41.0%) have had 2 doses but not 3
• 1 (1.5%) has had 1 dose only
• 17 (25.8%) are unvaccinated
Note that less than 9% of the population is unvaccinated.

My very rough calculation of the rate by vaccination status of those hospitalized (based on numbers of the population in each category two weeks ago) is as follows:
• (21) a rate of 4.6 per 100K with 3 doses
• (27) a rate of 7.7 per 100K with 2 doses (but not 3)
• (1) a rate of 1.5 per 100K with 1 dose only
• (17) a rate of 18.1 per 100K unvaccinated

Additionally, the province announced 320 new cases of COVID-19 today. The new cases are people who received a positive PCR test result from a Nova Scotia Health lab; it does not include people who tested positive using a take-home rapid (antigen) test.

By Nova Scotia Health zone, the new cases break down as:
• 110 Central
• 64 Eastern
• 62 Northern
• 84 Western

Based on PCR testing, Public Health estimates that there are 2,439 active cases in the province; the actual number is undoubtedly much higher.

The graph above shows the number of weekly cases (green, left axis) and weekly deaths (red, right axis).

The graph above shows the number of weekly cases (green, left axis) and the number hospitalized on Fridays (orange, right axis) for the duration of the pandemic.


Yesterday, 3,857 doses of vaccine were administered:
• 184 first doses
• 1,004 second doses
• 2,669 third doses

In total, 2,196,425 doses have been administered:
• 879,496 first doses
• 824,695 second doses
• 492,234 third doses

By end of day yesterday, 91.5% of the entire population have received at least 1 dose of vaccine:
• 5.7% with 1 dose only
• 35.1% with 2 doses but not 3
• 50.9% with 3 doses
• 8.3% unvaccinated

The graph above shows the vaccination progress as captured on Fridays through the pandemic. The yellow line is people with at least one dose of vaccine The blue line is people with only one dose. The green line is people with two doses but not three. The grey line is people with three doses. The red line is 80% of the population.

Appointments for boosters are now open to people 18 and over for whom 168 days have passed since their second shot.

Vaccination appointments for people 5 years of age and older can be booked here.

People in rural areas who need transportation to a vaccination appointment should contact Rural Rides, which will get you there and back home for just $5. You need to book the ride 24 hours ahead of time.


Nova Scotia Health labs completed 2,314 PCR tests yesterday, with a positivity rate of 13.8%.

If you test positive with a rapid (antigen) test, you are assumed to definitely have COVID, and you and your household are to self-isolate as required.

Pop-up testing has been scheduled for the following sites:

Halifax Central Library, noon-7pm
Alderney Gate, 4-6pm
New Germany Legion, 11am-3pm
Brooklyn Civic Centre, 11am-3pm

Halifax Central Library, noon-7pm
Alderney Gate, 10am-2pm
Bridgetown Fire Hall, 11am-3pm
Windsor Legion, 11am-3pm

Halifax Central Library, noon-7pm
Annapolis Royal Legion, 11am-3pm
Enfield Fire Hall, 11am-3pm
New Waterford Legion, 11am-3pm

You can volunteer to work at the pop-up testing sites here or here. No medical experience is necessary.

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