Group Memberships

From: $9.00 / month per member


Family: (monthly or annual) is for you and your partner, family members, roommates, friends, and frenemies. Minimum price $9/month/user, or $90/year/user.

Minimum 2 users, no maximum.

Business/Government: (annual only) is for businesses small and large, organizations, politicians, and government agencies. Minimum price $100/year/user.

Minimum 4 users, no maximum.


Number of Seats:



Each account in a group subscription will have its own username and password. But there will be only one bill.

1. Choose the appropriate type and frequency.

2. Name your price — the suggested minimum price is shown, but you may pay more if you like.

3. Choose a Group Name, like your family’s last name, or your business/department name.

4. Choose the number of users, and add their details.

5. Make the payment.

6. You’ll get an immediate confirmation and receipt via email. Receipts are also available under “Sign in/My Account.”

Please note: Your mailing address and phone number are required to verify that you are the owner of the card used to purchase the subscription. This is for your security. This info will not be used to market to you, nor shared with anyone.