Our prices are going up, after more than eight years.

However, before the new prices take effect, we have a special offer. Existing and new subscribers can “lock in” the existing annual subscription price of $100, if they renew their annual subscription or upgrade their monthly subscription to an annual subscription before October 15.

(For those with an annual subscription via PayPal, e-Transfer, or cheque, email Iris and she’ll help you with that.)

Basic $10: switch to Annual $100

If you’re currently on a monthly subscription for $10, that level is increasing to $12. This will happen automatically on your next payment after October 20. Or you can switch to the current annual level, and lock in the price of $100 for a year.

Log in, click Manage your account on the black menu bar below our logo, click Change, and select the Basic annual $100 level. That payment will occur immediately, the monthly payment ends, and your subscription will renew in one year for $120.

Annual $100: renew early

If you’re already on an annual $100, that will go up to $120 when your subscription renews. You can renew early and lock in the price for another year. Email Iris, and she’ll do that for you.

Joint Subscriptions with the Cape Breton Spectator:

Both monthly and annual versions are being discontinued, but we’re working on a new deal with the Spectator for Examiner subscribers. Meanwhile, you can switch from either level to the Annual $100 to lock in that price, and we’ll continue your access to the Spectator until your current renewal date.