1. Balcony collapse

New school year party
Drink and flirt in cool night air
World comes crashing down

2. Burnside jail

The cruel crime of punishment
Spiteful warden smirks

3. Northern Pulp Mill

Verdant forest land
People happily employed
Filthy air to breathe

4. Elderly

Visit New Scotland
Enjoy the land and people
Stay to die

5. Wild Kingdom

Bluefin tuna swim
In warm waters off Iceland
The ocean is sick

Halifax boardwalk
Beautiful natural vistas
Red in beak and claw

Classy restaurant
All the finest food and wine
Wild things have no chance


1. Stephen Archibald


Ho-hum pay the bills
Open pile of envelopes
Visual delight!

2. Jim Meek

End of the world blues
Giant rats will rule the Earth
Yeah, Armageddon!

3. Bill Black

The AntiChrist comes
Wearing the union label
Liberals will save us!

4. Gail Lethbridge

Sing O Canada
O people with lady parts
Conservatives hate you


Barack Obama
Winner of Nobel Peace Prize
Seven countries bombed

In the harbour

Montreal mafia
Containers of who knows what
Maersk Palermo 

Ruby Princess cruise
If it’s Saturday it’s Halifax
Another cocktail

Look! A boardwalk hawk!
Seven Seas Navigator
Let’s buy some trinkets

AIDABella comes
Fending off norovirus
Home away from home

Gypsum for Quebec
Independent nation of wallboard
Atlantic Huron sails


Morning perversion
Bad poems that don’t even rhyme
I promise: never again

Tim Bousquet is the editor and publisher of the Halifax Examiner. Twitter @Tim_Bousquet Mastodon

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  1. Sleep deprivation is a wondrous thing.
    Today’s file is either Tim’s emergence into true genius or the beginning of his descent into incomprehensibility.
    Readers await.

  2. Misrhymed poems!
    I snort cheerios
    through nose.

    Bravo Obama
    His peace prize
    Funniest of all.

    Ship reports
    make plans for cruising retirement