Memorial at the Portapique church hall. Photo: Joan Baxter

Today, a Nova Scotia judge ordered that some of the redactions in search warrant documents related to the RCMP’s investigation in the mass murders of April 18/19 be un-redacted.

This was in response to an application to the court by a media coalition that includes the Halifax Examiner.

The Examiner has published the previously redacted documents here.

The new information comes primarily from people who spoke with police on April 19. One person spoke with Halifax police; the other spoke with RCMP. The names of those witnesses remain redacted.

The most stunning revelation comes from one person who spoke with Halifax police. That person told police that the murderer, who the Examiner refers to as GW, “builds fires and burns bodies, is a sexual predator, and supplies drugs in Portapique and Economy, Nova Scotia.”

Moreover, the person said that GW “had smuggled guns and drugs from Maine for years and had a stockpile of guns” and GW “had a bag of 10,000 oxy-contin and 15,000 dilaudid from a reservation in New Brunswick.”

Another person who spoke with the RCMP gave information about GW’s properties, relating that it was known that there were secret hiding places at the properties. The person said GW had shown another person (whose name remains redacted) a “hidden compartment in the garage” [presumably in Portapique], which was  under a workbench, and GW kept a “high powered rifle” in the space.

The person who spoke with the RCMP said that there was a “false wall” at GW’s Dartmouth residence. That information was echoed by another person who spoke with Halifax police on April 19, who said that “there is a secret room in the clinic in Dartmouth.”

Other information that is newly un-redacted confirms information that was widely known before.

One detail involves the killing of GW in Enfield. Although the document remains semi-redacted, it now reads “a peace officer and member of the RCMP was also at the gas pump and recognized [GW]…[GW]… died” (ellipses in original).

The documents now confirm that GW had an uncle who was an RCMP officer.

Read all the newly un-redacted documents here.

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Tim Bousquet is the editor and publisher of the Halifax Examiner. Twitter @Tim_Bousquet Mastodon

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  1. Why does a young adult needs tons of false IDS at UNB ? And why go out mysteriously at night for days at a time?
    Thus asked GW’s roommate to his other dorm friends. Nobody knew why back then at the end of the 1980s. But now we know why.
    So GW could go back and forth across the border to Maine, smuggling drugs, cigarettes etc to finance his university degree. Right under the nose of the Fredericton police for years (1987-1991). Panel review member Leanne Fitch was part of that Fredericton police force 1985-2019. Now she is to review the Fredericton policing failure to capture this young amateur criminal . 23 chickens are dead, partially due to fox incompetence. But foxes will sit in judgement on foxes…. it stinks.