The Portapique sign on Highway 2 was adorned with a NS tartan sash following the mass shooting that began there on April 18, 2020. Photo: Joan Baxter

The Halifax Examiner’s mass murder coverage includes:
RCMP investigator: There are ‘in excess of 19 victims’ in Nova Scotia’s mass murder rampage” (April 20, by Tim Bousquet)

These are the 22 people murdered in Nova Scotia on April 18-19, 2020.” (April 22, 2020 by Erica Butler, Joan Baxter, Jennifer Henderson, Tim Bousquet, Philip Moscovitch, Yvette d’Entremont, Linda Pannozzo, and El Jones)

The anatomy of failure: How and why the emergency alert system was not activated when a mass murderer was roaming around Nova Scotia” (April 22, 2020, by Tim Bousquet, Jennifer Henderson, Joan Baxter, and Yvette d’Entremont)

‘There’s a person down there with a gun”: first responder audio from the beginning of the murder spree” (April 22, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

How to heal with furry companions: Like humans, pets can experience trauma and grief, but they and their owners can recover together.” (April 23, 2020, by Suzanne Rent)

13 hours of terror: tracking a mass murderer’s rampage through Nova Scotia.” (April 25, 2020, by Erica Butler, Tim Bousquet, Jennifer Henderson, Joan Baxter, and Yvette d’Entremont)

The killer was on Hunter Road for nearly three hours” (April 25, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Male violence: ‘A pandemic in its own right’” (April 26, 2020, by Suzanne Rent)

A memorial trail of grief and love: Nova Scotians mourn the victims of last week’s tragedy“(April 26, 2020, by Joan Baxter)

“’There’s some fiddle for ya: A Portapique love story” (April 26, 2020 by Tim Bousquet)

There’s free psychological help for people in distress about the mass murders” (April 28, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

Murderer escaped Portapique within 10 minutes of police arriving” (April 28, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

The mass murder isn’t ‘senseless’ in a culture that excuses the violence of white men” (May 1, 2020, by El Jones)

Source: Halifax police held back response to mass murderer” (May 4, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

He was a psychopath’: A former resident of Portapique says she called the RCMP to tell them the future gunman assaulted his domestic partner and that he had illegal weapons. The police took no action.” (May 12, 2020, by Joan Baxter)

Canada is an “after-the-fact country’: Could a red flag law have helped prevent the mass shootings in Nova Scotia or help reduce gun violence in Canada? Or do such laws give cover to the failure of policing agencies to act under the authority they already have?” (May 18, 2020, by Joan Baxter)

Lots of people knew about the mass murderer’s destructive behaviour, and did nothing” (May 19, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Court document provides new info on mass murder” (May 19, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Here’s what the RCMP doesn’t want you to know about the mass murder investigation” (May 25, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Opposition critics on the Advisory Council on the Status of Women call for an inquiry into mass murder, but McNeil government demurs” (May 27, 2020, by Joan Baxter and Jennifer Henderson)

Colchester councillor: change in RCMP policing model left information gap on shooter.” (June 5, 2020, by Jennifer Henderson and Joan Baxter

Bill Casey: the shooting of the Onslow fire hall reflects a broader RCMP communications failure” (June 9, 2020, by Jennifer Henderson)

Mass murderer left a will directing that his remains be placed in the Portapique Cemetery” (June 12, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Portapique Cemetery: we won’t accept the body of the mass murderer” (June 12, 2020, by Jennifer Henderson)

Nova Scotians to determine questions and guide research into mass shooting: New program aims to ‘find answers and healing’ in the aftermath of tragedy by seeking community input” (June 16, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

Insufficient grounds‘: Susie Butlin repeatedly pleaded with the RCMP to intervene to stop her neighbour Junior Duggan from harassing her. The police took no action. A friend says an RCMP officer told Butlin her allegations against Duggan made her, not him, a ‘menace to society.’ Three days later, Duggan killed Butlin. (June 18, 2020, by Joan Baxter)

‘Body parts still in the automobile’ of mass murder victim when RCMP released the car to the victim’s family, claims lawsuit” (June 17, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Court documents contradict RCMP denial that they ignored Susie Butlin’s pleas before she was murdered” (June 24, 2020, by Joan Baxter)

From cop to survivor: Cary Ryan is a survivor of domestic abuse. She’s also a former cop who says she was harassed in the workplace because of her mental illness. Now, she studies how cops respond to domestic violence.” (July 7, 2020, by Suzanne Rent)

Shelter workers also call for public inquiry into mass murder” (July 16, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

300 family members and friends of mass murder victims march and demand public inquiry” (July 22, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

No public inquiry into mass murders: ‘They keep saying they don’t want to dig stuff up and hurt the families more than they have already been hurt. But a public inquiry is the one and only thing we are asking for and I think we deserve that.’” (July 23, 2020, by Tim Bousquet, Yvette d’Entremont, and Jennifer Henderson)

Public anger mounts at decision not to hold a full public inquiry into the April mass murders” (July 24, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

Protesters decry ‘shocking and paternalistic’ decision to hold review, not inquiry into Nova Scotia mass shooting” (July 27, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

Witness told police that mass murderer ‘builds fires and burns bodies, is a sexual predator, and supplies drugs in Portapique and Economy’” (July 27, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Federal and provincial governments to hold public inquiry into Nova Scotia mass shootings” (July 28, 2020, by Zane Woodford and Yvette d’Entremont)

Celebrating the inquiry: ‘This was because of the families, our determination, our drive, and the Nova Scotians, the Bluenosers’” (July 29, 2020, by Yvette d’Entremont)

Nova Scotia RCMP release long statement denying mass shooting details unsealed this week” (July 30, 2020, by Zane Woodford)

The RCMP’s statement about the mass murder investigation is an exercise in obfuscation” (August 4, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

The RCMP kept secret information any TV watcher could’ve predicted” (August 13, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

The mass murderer’s connection to a drug dealer” (August 21, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Tim Houston says Mark Furey has a conflict of interest in the mass murder inquiry” (September 10, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Financial expert: newly released documents show mass murderer was not an RCMP informant” (September 21, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

We ‘drove the back roads’: On Saturday, April 18, the mass murderer and his common-law spouse travelled around the province, looking at various locations. Just hours later, those sites were associated with the murderer’s rampage.” (September 23, 2020, by Tim Bousquet)

Reports from inquiry into Nova Scotia mass shooting due in 2022, third commissioner announced” (October 22, 2020, by Zane Woodford)

After the Nova Scotia mass murderer bought property on Portland Street, the houses next door burned down” (December 28, 2020, by Zane Woodford)

Tim Bousquet is the editor and publisher of the Halifax Examiner. Twitter @Tim_Bousquet Mastodon

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