Donovan, a grey tabby cat with green eyes, drinks from his Examiner mug while behind him is his laptop showing the Halifax Examiner website. Behind the laptop iare several stacks of legers and files.
Donovan, my admin assistant

Hi, it’s Iris —

As you probably know, the Halifax Examiner is eligible for the Digital News Subscription Tax Credit, as Tim wrote about in detail here.

The Examiner’s QCJO# is Q9427428.

Here are instructions to find your receipts — also called “invoices”on this new site.


Find your receipts after October 20, 2022 like this:

  1. Log in, and click My Account in the Header
  2. In the menu, click My Subscription
  3. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see all of your orders since the migration on October 20, 2022. Note: only orders made since the migration are available here.
  4. Click the button labeled Invoice to download a PDF.
  5. If you paid annually, there will be one invoice each year since October 20, 2022; if you paid monthly, there will be an invoice for each payment.
  6. Sorry, at this point we cannot provide an annual invoice for monthly payments. (Good time to switch to an annual subscription?)
    A screenshot of the invoice Receipt page for a purchased subscription. There is an arrow in the bottom right corner pointing to the invoice button to download an invoice.

    For CREDIT CARD payments made before October 20, 2022:

    Your receipts were sent automatically from Stripe to your email every month (or year) immediately upon payment, to the email you used to subscribe.

    If you don’t see them in your inbox, please look in your junk or spam folder (Gmail is notorious for doing this.)

    In your email’s search box, search for the subject line “Your receipt from Halifax Examiner, Inc.” You can save and print each receipt, depending on how your email server works.


    You will find your receipts in your PayPal records.


    I emailed you a receipt shortly after you paid. Please check your email (including your spam folder.)


    Tax is included in the subscription price. If you need the tax on your annual payment separated out (business accounts only, please) email Billing/invoices and use the subject line “Tax separated receipt.”

    These invoices must be made manually, so your patience is appreciated.

    Thank you!