After reporting on Carrie Low‘s experience and the story of a young woman who reported she was drugged at The Dome before being sexually assaulted, we invited survivors of sexual assault to share their experiences and how the police handled their investigations. We assured them anonymity. This is an ongoing series.  See the entire series here.

I was assaulted at the age of 16 but did not find the courage to come forward until recently along with two friends that were also assaulted by this same person as teenagers.

This is a long story that may be too difficult to type but I will try bullet points to make it easier to understand:

  • I reported my assault in May 2018 and was asked to come to the offices in Burnside to speak to an officer
  • I spoke to an officer and answered all of his questions in what I thought was a conversation only
  • I was called into the Crown Attorney’s office with the original officer and was told they would be charging this individual based on my signed statement. I was happy to hear that he would be charged but surprised the Crown thought I provided a signed statement as I did not. The officer stated our initial conversation was recorded and this is the “signed” statement. I was surprised to learn that I was recorded without my knowledge but again happy he would be charged.
  • Sept 2018 the charges became public and I began a lengthy struggle with someone threatening me to not move forward with the charges. During this time the police said that I was not being assaulted despite physical injuries and just dealing with feelings from the past ( this went on for months and months).
  • I was served a summons to appear in court in the Fall of 2019 and arrived at the provincial court house and went to the Crown’s offices as indicated. The accused and his lawyer were sitting in the waiting room of his office when I walked in. I went directly to the check-in counter and was pulled immediately into the Crown’s office. He said I was not needed today and should have been notified by HRPD and “sorry.” This was not an easy situation to say the least.
  • I received a call from Victim Services in April 2020 letting me know that the accused was being released from his weekend jail sentence due to COVID and he would serve at home with this wife being his “warden.”
  • I then did not hear anything from HRPD or the Crown until February 2021. The Crown called to confirm my attendance in court and I told him I did not receive a summons or know anything about it. He indicated that HRPD was supposed to be in constant contact with me but “anyway can you be in court X date?” I said I could not and he just said “okay.”
  • A few days later I received a follow-up call from the Crown telling me they were going to allow the accused to plead out with two years probation and two years of a peace bond. I did not have a say in anything.
  • I then received a letter from Victim Services confirming the probation and peace bond but it was only for one year and both of my names [first and last name] were spelled incorrectly.
  • I called Victim Services and they said it doesn’t matter. The name is close enough and I must have misheard the Crown about the two years of probation and peace bond. 

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to share your experiences with how the police handled your investigation, we’d be happy to hear from you. Anonymity is assured. Email

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