After reporting on Carrie Low‘s experience and the story of a young woman who reported she was drugged at The Dome before being sexually assaulted, we invited survivors of sexual assault to share their experiences and how the police handled their investigations. We assured them anonymity. This is an ongoing series.  See the entire series here.

The man who sexually assaulted me had learned that I was talking about what had happened to me and he began to harass me through DMs. It became a bit of a spectacle in the HRM as I had posted these messages because I felt unsafe and he was threatening me through them.

The police did absolutely nothing but essentially shut me up. A “trauma informed” officer came to my home with another officer and didn’t seem to focus on my story of being assaulted at all, instead he said we should go with a peace-bond route. It felt diminishing and I felt like I had done something wrong for talking about what happened to me, especially when the evidence was there that this man wanted to hurt me. 

Overall the experience was humiliating and I would never ever trust Nova Scotia police officers again with my case. 

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to share your experiences with how the police handled your investigation, we’d be happy to hear from you. Anonymity is assured. Email

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