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Why should I buy a subscription?

We’re a subscriber-supported publication. While the majority of our articles are always free to read, we don’t rely on advertising or sponsored articles. Your subscriptions and donations pay our salaries and operating costs, our fees for accessing government documents, and our lawyers’ bills, among other things.

When you subscribe, you’re supporting Canadian journalism. And you can read the articles behind the paywall, and comment on those articles.

We are dedicated to opening up government, exposing wrong-doing and advocating for the common person. We pry the lid off Halifax City Hall and give a fresh look into Province House. We’ll continue the campaign to make police records public. We’ll unwind the cosy relationships between government, quasi-governmental agencies and corporations that often determine public policy with their own interests in mind, and not those of the public.

Is the morning email the Halifax Examiner?

The morning email is free, and has a handy link to take you to the Examiner website, but it’s not the same as getting a subscription. There’s a yellow button to sign up for email notifications on the Home Page.

Do you have a printed version?

We’re online only.

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We have two types:

  • one for individuals and families
  • one for politicians, businesses, organizations, and government departments

The access to articles is the same, but we ask that you choose the correct one.

Please note: sharing subscriptions can be risky, as anyone with your log in details can change or cancel your subscription, lock you out of it, or post comments in your name.

To avoid this, you can add extra users — family, friends, employees, colleagues — to your account when you sign up, at a small discount. These will have their own usernames and passwords, and they can post their own comments. And they can’t alter your original subscription.

We accept credit cards and PayPal on the site. For E-transfers and cheques, please contact Iris.

You can subscribe here.

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If you can’t sign in

First, make sure you have a paid subscription, and not just the morning email. Check your email for a receipt of payment.

Then sign in with your username or email address, click Sign In / My Account on the Header next to our logo, or using the link you see once you’ve opened any paywalled article.

  • Make sure you’re using the correct username or email address. You can reset your password using the link that pops up, and a new one will come to your email.
  • If you find yourself caught in a loop, you probably need to clear your browser history. You can Google the instructions, because it varies for each browser.

Post a comment

Only subscribers can comment, so subscribe first, then click the “Post comment” button on any article that allows comments. Read more about our commenting policy here. We moderate everything.

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Payment record and other info

Log in and click My Account (on the Header or the Footer) for records about your start and renewal date, your current subscription level, the card or payment method you’re currently using, and receipts. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, contact Billing/invoices using this form.

Change your details

  • Change your card or subscription level by clicking My Account > My Subscription. 
  • Change your password, display name or email address, and cancel with My Account > Account Details

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The daily email notification

This free email arrives in your inbox each morning. It has a brief description of what’s in the Morning File, and a handy link to take you directly to the website. Sign up for that with the yellow “Email Notifications” button in the middle of the Home Page, below the Special Features. Signing up for this free email is not the same as purchasing a subscription to the Halifax Examiner website. And you can cancel the email at any time with the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email.

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About Morning File

This daily article is published on weekdays between 10 and 11am. It’s a file of brief summaries of recent Examiner stories, and interesting news items from other publications, with links to take you to those. It also includes original pieces by that day’s Morning File writer, in the Views and Noticed sections. Very often the headline and featured photo reference one of these original sections, and not the first news item.

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Find articles by subject

  • In the Header: click All Categories or the “hamburger menu” (the three parallel lines at the end)
  • Go to the Categories Page to see every category
  • Click the category name above the headline of an article, to see a list of articles in that category
  • Use the search box in the Header to search by subject, name, or organization
  • Find older articles by clicking Archives, in the Footer at the bottom of the page

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Find articles by author

Click the author’s byline, below the headline of any article they’ve written, to see a page of all their articles in reverse chronological order.

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Send an article or a Morning File item to someone

  • For an article, click and copy the url address, and paste in an email or social media post
  • For a Morning File item, click the link below that item. Then either right click and select “copy link”, or copy the url now showing at the top of the page, which links directly to that item and its photo. Paste that link in your email or social media.

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Open an article or link in a new tab or window

By default, our site is set up to open links or articles in the same window. By opening links in a new tab or window, you never lose the original page. If you haven’t already set up your browser settings to open links in new tabs or windows, do this:

Right click on any link or headline, and choose “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window.” This works in most browsers, and is a great way to not lose your original page. Close that tab or window when you’re finished reading.

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Typos and Corrections

Send them to “Typos and Corrections” using this form.


If you have a tip, an idea for a story, or information relevant to one of our investigations, please contact “TIPS” using this form.

Examiner phone number

We don’t give out phone numbers, but if you really need to talk to Tim or Iris, send us an email using this form. We can’t promise we’ll call you back, but we’re pretty diligent about responding by email.


  • Click any Donate button, or go to this page, to send us a one-time donation via credit card.
  • To send us a donation via e-transfer or cheque, please contact Iris.

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To cancel your subscription, sign in and click My Account > My Subscription. You’ll find a link to cancel. Your access behind the paywall will continue until the term of your subscription has ended. For more info, please read our Terms and Conditions.

To cancel the morning email, click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of those.

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If the answer to your question isn’t here, please contact Iris.