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Through his development company, Argyle Developments, Nova Centre developer Joe Ramia is suing Heritage Trust and each of its 27 directors, and seeks “tens of millions of dollars” in damages, claiming that:

Heritage Trust has consistently acted contrary to its mandate and opposed various development projects within HRM not in line with their objectives. The Plaintiff states that since its inception of the Project [i.e, Nova Centre], Heritage Trust, through it is officers and directors, have opposed the Project and has done everything it could to hinder, delay, and eliminate the Project, all contrary to their stated mandate and objectives and contrary to their by-laws and stated objectives. They have therefore acted in an unlawful manner.

This is just silly. One does not have to agree with the goals of Heritage Trust, but protection of the view planes from Citadel Hill are clearly within the group’s mandate. Moreover, the suit is claiming that Heritage Trust’s directors have no right to speak about the Nova Centre independently from their association with Heritage Trust, as, for example, when Allan Robertson wrote a letter to The Coast, listing his private objections to the project.

This is clearly an attempt by Ramia to limit public participation. The point seems to be to merely cost the defendants a lot of money to hire lawyers. It’s ugly, and it stinks.

I suspect that the first judge that looks at the suit will throw it out of court. But part of me wishes otherwise, because the discovery on this suit would be wonderful. Ramia would have to demonstrate that he had actual tenants lined up, and lost them, due to Heritage Trust’s alleged wrong-doing. I doubt there have been any such prospective tenants, and the point of this suit is to cast blame on Heritage Trust for Ramia’s failure to get them.

You can read the full lawsuit by clicking below.

Argyle suit

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  1. How foolish and vindictive of the developer. One would think he needs all the money to get this project completed. The damn hole has been there for four years and he has changed designs. More delay tactics.