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  1. Defund French immersion.
    Defund the International Baccalaureate Programme.
    Enforce school boundaries.
    Use the money to improve the learning opportunities of kids from single parent homes,kids from low income homes and kids with special needs. Fund needs not wants. Pour money into poor communities.
    HRM has money for middle class ‘wants’ but won’t even pay a few extra dollars to put a bus and a sidewalk into Africville.
    They talk a good game at HRM council but turn their eyes away from improving the lives of our poor.
    The council should think of the poor families in HRM as being cyclists, but cyclists stuck in a lane that is a circle of poverty and deprivation.

      1. No. The first 2 items are not mandated programmes. There is no peer reviewed evidence that French immersion has any value. The worst test results come from schools with poor kids and Black kids.
        What is your strategy for marginalized school kids ?

        1. That’s nonsense. There’s plenty of peer reviewed research that French immersion is beneficial. What’s questionable is its impact on the remainder of the students. Those who need to ‘switch out’ or who are in English only. Those kids struggle More frequently as do kids in non academic or IB or AP streams. So do kids in poverty, with single parents etc etc. The problem is thinking we need to tear down what’s working for many kids in order to bring them down to the level who aren’t doing well. Let’s be honest. Even the best public education in NS is average nationally and nothing special internationally. Some of our university prof friends call it the ‘NS disadvantage’. The Local kids starting college here with enthusiasm but poor reading/writing/math skills. Learning two or more languages is always a benefit. Money doesn’t need to come from stripping what succeeds and pouring it into what does not. We’re spending a billion dollars over the next decade to twin highways. Use that $.

          1. Let’s start by teaching children to read. On average, 30% of grade three students can’t read, it is much higher in some communities. We use programs that don’t work, Reading Recovery, we spend millions on this program and get very little in return.

            It is so unjust to continue with these practices when we know we could do better by following evidence based practices.

        2. It is my experience that french immersion has become an elitist program catering to predominantly white middle class families. I agree 100% with Colin. Sure put more french programming into mainstream schools but stop pretending that there is some kind of magnanimous social accomplishment by creating the french immersion system. We know where the marginalized students are showing up, and from what communities they are coming. I fully support the concept of putting resources where they are needed, not just wanted..

          1. Strongly disagree. Why do you think French immersion costs anymore than English schooling? The benefits are priceless.

  2. I must begin by confessing my almost complete ignorance of Black history and of the Black Lives Matter movement, I was educated on military bases in the late 1970s and didn’t go to school with anyone of a different color until I went to Dartmouth High between 1979 and 1981. That said, I would put some of my time spent at home as we continue to deal with Covid-19 to good use and learn something. Where do you suggest I start?

    1. Some unsolicited advice: start with scrutinizing the roots of the most vocal. The founders of BLM are unabashed Marxists. They redacted that bit from their site one they started gaining mainstream attention.

      It’s also worth noting they ‘founded’ their ‘movement’ while the leader of the Free World was a black man.

      Don’t believe their lies.