A dark cat which has one ear folded back sits in front of a computer reading the Examiner.
What's my username again? Photo: Tempa Hull
A dark cat which has one ear folded back sits in front of a computer reading the Examiner.
What’s my username again? Photo: Tempa Hull

There are two ways to give someone a Halifax Examiner gift subscription:

A. We set it up for you (super easy!) OR

B. You purchase it on the website with your credit card

The most popular levels for a gift are the #6 Basic Annual for one person, and the #7 Basic Plus One Annual, which is perfect for two people. (For #7, you create the main subscription, and we create the second person’s account.)

Please email Iris about how to give a recurring monthly subscription, or to add another person to the subscription you already have.

METHOD A (easy):

We will create the gift subscription, but they won’t know about it until you tell them. (You can put their log in details in a card or an email.)

Contact Iris and she’ll set up the subscription.

Tell her the name of the recipient and their email address. If you have an idea for their username, let her know; otherwise she’ll use their name.

The annual gift subscription ends in one year, but we can also arrange to continue it.

How to pay:

  1. An e-Transfer for $100 or $150 to Iris’s email
  2. A PayPal payment of $100 or $150, followed by an email to Iris
  3. A cheque for $100 or $150 to PO Box 463, Stn. Central, Halifax NS B3J 2P8
  4. If you’re already a subscriber, we can put a one-time payment on your credit card.
  5. If you’re not a subscriber, Iris can still use your credit card.


The #6 Basic Annual is the most popular subscription for one person, and #7 Basic Plus One Annual is perfect for two people. (For #7, we create the second person’s account.)

You need a credit card for this method.

  1. Go to the “Subscribe” page, and select the level you’d like.
  2. IMPORTANT! DO NOT use the recipient’s email address for the subscription, or they will receive a confirmation email from the website and spoil the surprise.
  3. If you already have your own Halifax Examiner subscription, you must use your alternative email address for this gift account — the website only permits one subscription per email address.
  4. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can use your usual email address.
  5. You choose their username (please use their name or a nickname, not their email address) and their password. They can change the password later.
  6. Use your credit card. You will get an immediate email confirmation and receipt.

Email Iris if you have any questions or need help with this.


You can add a T-shirt ($35) or hoodie ($75) to the gift. Email Iris for info and available sizes.

The price includes postage, either to your address or to the recipient’s. If it’s for a Christmas gift, we’ll do our best to get it there in time but that will depend on when you ordered it. Deadline for Christmas orders is Dec. 15.

Several stacks of neatly folded halifax Examiner shirts lined up in a row on a sunny table