1. HRM Police Services have a tender out for six mass casualty kits (Q15M148) as well. Routine I am sure but coupled with the helmets and launchers they look like southern “Preppers”

  2. Let’s «be thankful we live in a democracy» ????? WELL, SORT OF! With Führer Harper’s slash and burn tactics affecting not only veterans and Legion members but ALL the «peasantry» in Canada, POLITICS is on the front burner as we try to wake up somnolent voters like the one just quoted that «democracy» in Canada is already VERY SICK and if we don’t soon turf Harper and his WorldCorp 1% puppeteers we’ll find ourselves slaves in a fascist dictatorship. Our duly elected governments — local, provincial, and even federal, are now subject the legalities of the World Corp Cabal. Elected people protecting the interests of their electors scotched the piratical plan of a US megacorporation to steal resources and trash the environment on Digby Neck. The result: a 300-MILLION dollar «lawsuit» against our governments! And this only a tiny grain of sand on the beach of world domination by the 1% whose derriéres Harper has been kissing since he first usurped control of Parliament DESPITE the fact that well over 50% of Canadian voters chose someone else! Lets «be thankful» if we can rid ourselves of this corrupt band of traitors!

  3. CCNB report is at the Grade 12 level ( I’m being generous).
    Shut the port of Saint John they say.
    Too many exports they say.
    Over 100 extra tankers a year they say.
    Their report is not peer reviewed.
    An estimate of the increase in tanker traffic is at the high end. It is reasonable to expect a much lower number based on the probability of a VLCC arriving at Saint John with a load of crude and then loading Canadian crude for export to Europe or the Far East.

  4. I believe the medical use of cannabis is to some extent self-serving, a means to use cannabis. But so what? The same thing happened with alcohol in the old days. You could have it prescribed by a doctor. Let’s just legalize it now and get used to it and then maybe we can get some science on it where there isn’t so much of a political tug-of-war between the lines. Also, eff mandatory Puritanism.

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