I wouldn’t wait too long before announcing something concrete to push this economy forward. Yep, I’m talking about a game plan, a strategy — call it whatever you will, just as long as it’s not any more old, white guys talking about the economy.

We’ve had enough of that, just like we don’t need any more wacky ideas too loopy to fly in bigger jurisdictions or any saviours from afar who can only do the big things they promise to do with oodles of cash.

It doesn’t all have to come from the new Business Department, although I’m there with it on the idea of helping specific sectors to grow.

That’s sure to rile the folks who get all bothered by the notion of government “picking winners.” But, hey, these are desperate times in this province.

Being single-minded strikes me as a better approach than throwing a whole bunch of stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Success begets success.

Desperate times? We can always ask the Globe and Mail’s resident expert on the Maritimes’ various issues.