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In recent months, it has become clear that there are issues with the technical reliability of Twitter as well as concerns about the platform’s sustainability. Until now, the HRMFireNews page has operated as a single-platform entity, exclusively on Twitter. However, this is a vulnerability in the event of technical issues on Twitter, or even if Twitter were to be shut down altogether. In order to ensure that the public has access to HRMFireNews’s reporting at all times, the Halifax Examiner has generously offered a section of their website for use as a complement to posts on Twitter. 

Purpose and use: 

At the present time, day-to-day reporting from HRMFireNews can be found on Twitter by following the handle @HRMFireNews. This page will be activated when an alternate medium is required, such as technical limitations or a complete outage on Twitter. Should such an instance occur, HRMFireNews posts will appear here, on this page, in roughly the same format as they otherwise would on Twitter. Advice for existing followers of HRMFireNews is simple: if Twitter is down, check this page. Please bookmark the link to this page for future reference in the event of a Twitter outage.


HRMFireNews is a free service which follows and reports on fire and emergency news in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The page was started in 2015 by an anonymous member of the public in response to a perceived lack of public information on fires and emergencies in HRM. The purpose of the page was and continues to be to increase the level of public information and understanding about fire and emergency operations in HRM. The page continues to operate in this format today and is not affiliated with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency or any other agency.

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