Lindsay Hill

9880666 CANADA
Nature of business: “Talent management and online health and wellness coaching.”
President: Lindsay Hill
Hill is also a partner at something called the Keystone Group, which she describes as follows:

As your human capital account manager, Keynote manages all stakeholders to meet performance and outcome expectations from a single source. This consultative approach, led by tenured professionals, ensures that your organization has an as needed solution to any and all of its human resource needs. As an holistic human capital management firm that focuses on successful employment lifecycles….

And she goes on like that for several more paragraphs. I get exhausted just thinking about “wellness coaching.”

North End Runners League
Directors: Jennifer Gough, Gregory Young, Sarah Riley, Chad Gilbert, Erin Bertrand.
From my high school years on, I’ve been a runner (currently injured), but I’ve always understood it as a solitary sport — when I was young and in shape, I would sometimes run 20 or 25 miles, through the Sierra foothills or on the farm roads and levees along the Sacramento River. There’s something about being utterly alone while running that I’ve never otherwise experienced. Which is to say, I don’t understand the group running thing. It’s counter to everything I know about running, and you have to talk to people besides. But who am I to criticize? Best of luck to the league. Please leave room for me on the sidewalk.

Healing Journeys Integrative Health Coaching Services
Port La Tour
Nature of business: “Health Coaching Services.”
Partner: Lisa O’Connell
“Health coaching” seems to be a thing. Couldn’t you just join the North End Runners League?

The Barn Coffee and Socialhouse
Mahone Bay
Partners: Michael Bishop and Amelia Bishop
Amelia Bishop describes herself as an “entrepreneur” involved in “professional training & coaching.” We seem to have a recurring “coaching” theme in this week’s listings…  as for the barn, it’s “a place you will instantly feel a vibe, one full of old character and warmth that invites people to gather and share life with each other.”

YouTube video

Darkside Apparel
Partner: Craig Johnson
You’d be surprised how many companies called “Darkside Apparel” exist, or at least I was. None of the ones I found with a google search appear to be Johnson’s, however. I think he’s going to be selling stuff on the internet, and not from his house, which is spitting distance from the fabled Woodside Beverage Room.

This somehow symbolizes “strong and beautiful” people.

Martial Arts Academy of Warriors of Goodness — the School of Creative Thinking  and Spiritual Englightenment; Iron Ants Combat School; Fight Promotions 
MAAWGSCTSEIACSFP wins this week’s longest registry name award. According to the Society’s Facebook page, it:

is a charitable organization which is been guided by the Universal Laws of Goodness and it is committed to the growth and development of righteous, creative, strong and beautiful people, true leaders in the communities and champions in life. It is the organization where organic growth of human spirit, body and mind takes place.

When you sign up with the Academy, you enroll into 2 schools:
1. The School of Creative Thinking and Spiritual Enlightenment;
2. Iron Ants’ Combat School;

At the academic School you will follow the path of a scholar. You will study human related sciences discovering the laws and forces which govern the universe:
1. anatomy and physiology of human body;
2. psychology;
3. philosophy;
4. sociology;
5. the world history
6. the world religions
7. the history of world combat sports
8. creative studies

At Iron Ants Combat School you will follow the path of a warrior. You will prepare your body, mind and spirit for battles studying:
1. Iron Ant’s body & strength building
2. introduction to kung-fu, karate, aikido, muay-thai, kick-boxing and boxing schools
3. judo, jujitsu, freestyle wrestling
4. school of an Ant
5. self-defense against the weapons

Be ready to train under the open sky disregarding the temperatures, rain, snow, mud, puddles, or ice.

Warriors don’t need the roofs and walls to shelter from what is natural to them. The sky is their roof and the earth is their floor.
Warriors are one with nature.

We do not pick the environments for the fights or weather conditions.
Nothing should be able to destruct us if it happened and we had to fight.
We should feel comfortable to win our battles regardless what is going on around and training outside helps us to condition and adapt to stay focused as long as we need to.

Shit like this cracks me right up. Maybe we can arrange a fight between the “strong and beautiful people” at MAAWGSCTSEIACSFP and the Darkside Apparel people.

Bud’s Hemp Shop
Middle Sackville
Nature of business: “selling tabbaco [sic] products.”
Partner: Logan Chaulk
Chaulk has registered the business at his Rossing Drive home, which might present some problems…

Somebody has abandoned some Kombucha on the Dartmouth waterfront.

Pop Culture Brew Co. Ltd.
President: Teresa Topshee
Pop Culture brews a fermented tea it calls Kombucha, and sells it at the Alderney Farmers Market.

Bill Nevin

Short Stop Pictures X Ltd. 
Director: William Nevin.
Bill Nevin was with Salter Street Films before starting Idlewild Films. He’s also a “lifetime ex officio member” at the Atlantic Film Festival, which sounds important. It’s interesting to see the shake-up in the local film industry in the wake of the axing of the film tax credit, as companies reorganize, people start new ventures, and otherwise try to make this thing work.

Johanna Nesbitt

Open the Door Leadership
Nature of business: “Leadership coaching, training and development.”
Partner: Johanna Nesbitt
Thank dog! I was afraid we were running out of coaches.

Courtney Dookie

Therapeia Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services
Nature of business: “Psychotherapy & life skills coaching.”
Partner: Courtney Dookie
Dookie is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor. Seventh Day Adventists grew out of a weird 19th century end-times cult, and still think the Second Coming is imminent, but hey, there’s no better time to get some of that life coaching moolah, amirite?

Halifax More Than Buses Society
President: Jeffrey Blair
Vice President: Scott Edgar
The It’s More Than Buses people have organized as a charitable society, which explains that PayPal donate button on their website.

Life is a Wa Brewery
Eastern Passage
Partners: Richard Balbuena and Gian Barzellotti
Balbuena is a Weapons Engineer Technician at the DND, and Barzellotti is a Marine System Electrical Technician with the Canadian Forces, so this beer will kick your ass.

ACOA awards

Back when the Wardroom was cool. Photo: steve louie/ Flickr

University of King’s College
They’ve gentrified the Wardroom! The University has received a $100,000 grant for renovations to the HMCS King’s Wardroom, the student pub. The full project costs are said to be a cool half-million and change. According to a Signal article, the renovation is already complete:

Gone are features like the foosball tables and the carpeted floor. One key change patrons noted throughout the evening was that it isn’t “dirty” anymore.

“It’s cleaner, more streamlined, doesn’t smell like rank beer from the carpet,” says Faye Campbell, a Wardroom employee who was working the door.


While some students embraced the new Wardroom, others were hesitant. Lucis Tennen, a second-year King’s student, says he “might warm up to it.”

“It seems less personal,” he says. “Like, you come in before and it’s carpeted, there’s a pool table, it’s a little dingy. This seems too nice.”

Best thing about the old Wardroom was the cheap beer. I hope they didn’t gentrify that.

Kaneshii Vinyl Press Ltd.
Kaneshii has received a $175,000 loan to “purchase equipment to manufacture vinyl records.” They’ll press you a record for 10 bucks a pop.

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