Dragonfly Haven Therapeutic Farm
Mount Denson
Nature of business: “One on one interaction with miniature farm animals.”
Partners: Charlotte Paul and Howard Zwicker
It’s sort of like a puppy room, but on a farm.

YouTube video

Clerisy Production Services, Inc. 
Directors: Dale Stevens, Annie Mae Stevens
Dale Stevens has a long resumé, including a stint as vice-president at Arcadia Entertainment. Steven was also an unsuccessful candidate for the Liberals in the 2004 federal election, losing to the NDP’s Peter Stoffer. Arcadia’s president and owner, John Wesley Chisholm, will be the PC candidate in the next provincial election.

Working with Paul Kimball, in 2013 Stevens produced Ghost Cases, a “13-episode ghost-hunting series shot in the maritime provinces and the UK.”

Kimball is also a candidate in the next provincial election — he tried to run for the NDP, but was rejected in part, he says, because of his interest in the paranormal. So now he’s a PC candidate.

That’s a clip from Ghost Cases above.

Populus Group Canada ULC
President: Bobby Herrera (Troy, Michigan)
The Populous Group, its website tells us, is “a provider of innovative employment solutions.” In case that’s not clear enough:

Find a Way. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Pioneering Mentality. Innovation. These are a few of the characteristics that define our culture and way of doing business. Most importantly, our people embody these characteristics and are the ones who bring creative ideas to the table and tirelessly build and protect our truly uncommon culture. And boy, are we passionate about it.

I still have no idea what the company actually does.

Barrington South Suites
106-3260 Barrington Street
Nature of business: “Rental property.”
Partners: Joe Ghosn, George Ramia, Mark Ghosn
3260 Barrington Street is that non-descript six-storey building on North Barrington Street (I don’t know why the company is named Barrington South) where the Metro office is. When it was built about 10 years ago, it blocked the view of the harbour from the houses on Veith Street behind it. More recently, the apartments in 3260 have found their view of the harbour blocked by the enlarged Irving Shipyard building. There’s some weird justice in that, I suppose.

Back in November, partners Joe Ghosn, Augustus Ghosn, and Mark Ghosn started Barrington Narrows Suites, also with the address of 106-3260 Barrington Street. My guess is that each company owns condo units in the building.

Sara Corning

Sara Corning Society
Co-chairs: Isabel Hatfield and Jennifer Chown
Sara Corning, explains the Society in a press release, was born in Chegoggin in Yarmouth County in 1872:

Corning trained as a nurse in the United States and joined the American Red Cross during World War 1. In December 1917, she was amongst the first to volunteer to tend the sick and suffering after the Halifax Explosion. In 1921, working for a relief agency, she arrived in a small village at the foot of Mount Ararat in what is now Turkey to take charge of an orphanage. In 1922, as fighting and lawlessness escalated, Corning became a central figure in the evacuation of the port city of Smyrna. After the rescue, she helped established an orphanage in Greece for the stateless orphans.

She was summoned to Athens in June 1923, where King George II of Greece awarded her, and others involved in the rescue mission, the Silver Cross Medal of the Order of the Saviour, an honour comparable to the Order of Canada. Sara worked at the orphanage until 1924, when she returned to Turkey to work in a residential training school until 1930 when the Near East relief effort was disbanded.

Upon retirement, she returned to Chegoggin, where she lived until her death in 1969 at age 97.

The Society wants to build a peace park near her grave.

Kayla Davis

KDavis Fitness
Nature of business: “personal training, online training.”
Partner: Kayla Davis
Davis is another Bedford body builder starting a business.

Laurie and Eric Jennings. Photo: Perry Jackson

Masstown Creamery Limited
President: Laurie Jennings
Jennings is the proprietor of the Masstown Market, on the road between Truro and Economy. The Market is a seemingly ever-expanding operation started by Laurie’s father Eric. It was the subject of a 2013 profile by Eleanor Beaton in Saltscapes Magazine.

Cogswell Engineering
President: Brett Kiley
Kiley is a engineer, and he presumably expects to work on the Cogswell Interchange rebuilding project.

Cristall Wine Merchants Ltd.
President: Colin MacDonald
Cristall Wine is that wine store in the Sunnyside Mall. MacDonald is the co-founder, with John Risley, of Clearwater.  The new registry reflects the amalgamation of a previous iteration of Cristall with a numbered corporation.

The United Region of New Biafra Coalition (South East & South South — SE & SS or SS & SE)
Directors: Maureen Ofume (Bedford), Keynes Ofume (Bedford), Isabelle Ofume(Bedford), Barry Ikande (Port Harcort, River State, Nigeria), Mohammed Ansari (Bedford). Recognized agent: Phillip Ofume (Bedford)

If you want to go down a rabbit hole that perhaps has no end, try to figure out the New Biafra Coalition.

Biafra is a region in southern Nigeria. According to a wikipedia page with “multiple issues,” the Republic of Biafra was a secessionist state established in the Nigerian civil war of 1967 to 1970. The aide group Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) started as a medical response to the war.

Fast forward to the 1990s, and Philip and Maureen Ofume and their six children landed in Bedford. As Philip Ofume tells it, the family are stateless refugees, “forcibly resettled in Canada by the United Nations on April 20, 1998”:

Prior to this resettlement there was dispute between our family and our NGOs and the Canadian government, which was caused by the bloody political stalemate or crisis in Nigeria. The political conflict brought Canada into the media spotlight.

The endless animosity and plot to kill our entire family and found members of our NGOs is that the Canadian authorities invited the wife (Alhaja/Chief Kudirat Abiola) of the winner (Alhaji/Chief MKO Abiola) of  Nigeria’s Presidential Elections on June 12, 1993 to attend a meeting in Lagos, Nigeria on the day (June 4, 1996) when she was assassinated. Dr. Phillip Ofume and others led coalition of NGOs to demand that the Canadian officials that invited her for a meeting be interrogated like any other suspect in the gruesome murder. For suggesting and restating this, the Prime Ministers of Canada, Rt Honourables Jean Chretien and Paul Martin and their government have applied endless illicit measures to design plot to kill our family and uncovered members of our NGOs.

That’s a remarkable claim. It’s true that Kudirat Abiola was murdered while her husband was imprisoned. There’s even an award-winning movie about it:

YouTube video

I won’t express an opinion on an African conflict I know absolutely nothing about, nor can I begin to understand the pain and personal loss of surviving a brutal civil war, but Ofume’s claims about the plots on his life here in Canada are, well, doubtful:

In Canada, public utility service personnel (water, food, electric power, etc) are trained to carry out the plot. Our water has been poisoned several times at our home, 8 Edwin Ford Court, Bedford, which was forcibly seized by Mr. Martin on December 17, 2003 by invading the power and authorities of the Canadian law courts and International Legislation. They have trained water service personnel to assassinate Dr. Ofume. They have persisted in gassing our apartment with dangerous toxic chemical. In Newark International Airport NY USA, they have diverted the Continental Aircraft which Dr. Ofume boarded on August 4, 2004 en-route to New Orleans LA USA and forcibly returned him to Canada after about seven hours of arrest/detention. On August 8, 2003, they have forcibly entered US territory (Calais Maine) and deported our entire family on our way to further asylum in the United States of America with connection to other countries by choice. They have sanctioned over 98% of our means of livelihood.

But it’s not just Canada. That attempt to seek asylum in the US is the subject of yet another complaint by Ofume:

In the United States alone, Petitioners’ foreign sponsored persecution have made several Americans and others to cry and cry and shed several gallons of tears because of the hardship history 2005 – present. Screen of America asylum case history, shows that Petitioners’ asylum case comes with  uneasing persecution and it appears to be matchless because while asylum and removal proceedings in force unspeakable persecution persisted and leading to major lawsuit against the President of America and now (2011) with over 35 lawsuits across America up to the Supreme Court of the United States because multiple unbearable mistreatment and related which may cause death of the Petitioners.

Well, good luck to the United Region of New Biafra Coalition, but I fear this will inevitably lead to what is known as a vexatious litigant ruling.

Armco Capital
Chairman of the board: George Armoyan
Armoyan is amalgamating his companies under the Armco Capital umbrella. Here’s a list of them:

Twig-Aid Hockey Products 
Recognized agent: Ryan Wolfe
Wolfe claims his product will extend the life of hockey sticks. He sells Twig-Aid for 20 bucks a pop, and says it will repair 10-15 sticks. The repair kit consists of three separate bottles of magic formula, so Wolfe’s margins must be incredibly thin.

Boot Island Vineyard and Winery
Partner: Chris Morine
Morine is the owner of the Oak Island Vineyard and Winery down the road. There are lots of islands out there, I guess.

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