Hayes Marketing
Nature of business: “Marketing affiliate for Amazon — selling online.”
President: David C. Hayes

Robin’s Healing
Nature of business: “Alternative natural healing.”
President: Robin Jardine

Peter MacLellan

The China Business Bureau of Nova Scotia
Smiths Cove
Nature of business: “Promotion and coordination of cultural and business exchanges between Nova Scotia and China.”
Partner: Peter MacLellan
Peter MacLellan is the president of the Digby and Area Board of Trade, and owner of Raeberry Communications. He was the communications director for his brother, former premier Russell MacLellan. Peter is also the brother of the current deputy minister of Finance and the Treasury Board, George McLellan, who for some reason drops the “A” from his name.

Drunk Gurl Clothing Collection
Old Sambro Road, Halifax
Nature of business: “Clothing designer, creating and making clothing for sale.”
Partner: John Brewer

New Scotland Lobsterland
Nature of business: “Lobster promotions.”
Partner: Dennis Snow
Snow is the owner of North American Fine Foods, which works with TransMedia Group, a Florida-based PR firm. According to a press releases issued by TransMedia last year:

TransMedia Group said it was selected to serve up some high protein publicity for innovative sustainable food distributing company North American Fine Foods and its products under “HealthSea Foods” label. 

“NAFF” was founded by Dennis Snow, a fifth generation seafood entrepreneur from Nova Scotia, Canada. Snow is also the heir to the Snow family legacy of premier seafood harvesters in Canada and development in South Americathe United States, and the Caribbean for over 50 years.

Over the past eight years, North American Fine Foods has developed a contemporary production and testing method for making added-value seafood and other products that are sustainably harvested and taste delicious. 

According to TransMedia, “NAFF has formulated a recipe, a global formula to further develop and enhance healthier alternatives.”  Its publicity will underscore how added value seafood and other products are being created by Snow to provide humanitarian and profitable commercial business of total utilization of resources for the opportunities for the world of commerce. 

“Scientists and other food corporations working with NAFF have designed a menu of value added-seafood that is low-fat, gluten-free, MSG free, high in protein, no by-products, and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These products such as Omega burgers, seafood dumplings, and seafood sausages will be available for consumer purchase and will help revolutionize the world of fast food cuisine worldwide,” said Julianna Corso, Director of Public Relations at TransMedia.   

“North American Fine Foods is built on a symbiotic relationship with the sea, as the industry’s well-being is reliant upon the health of the water and its resources. I want to revolutionize the landscape of seafood and fast food consumption,” says Snow.

Low-fat, gluten-free, MSG free, high in protein, no by-products, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, eh? Add in some decent prices for the people who actually catch the fish, and I’m in.

Maritime Ski Trips
Nature of business: “Organized ski trips to various locations.”
I think this is the same Greg Miller who was recently elected to the Hants county council. The ski company is registered via a numbered company (134130 Canada) that develops and sells computer software, and which owns Miller’s other company, The Software Mill, which in turn has developed something called the Reservation and Outdoor Activity Marketing (ROAM) system, which came on the market  in 1996.

Mechlai 3D
Nature of business: “3D and Unity Artist for virtual reality.”
Partner: Michael J. Geizer
“Here’s what I’m up to,” says Geizer on Facebook, pointing to the image above, found here.

Next Wave Ocean Energy Inc.
Nature of business: “Marine renewable energy.”
President: Nancy Cameron; Secretary: George Cameron

The Koch brothers.

KBX Logistics, LLC
Extra-Provincial Corporation, Wichita, Kansas
Nature of business: “Trucking services.”
President: Paul Snider. Vice-Presidents: Jason J. Konkel, Paul Servais, Michael Wilkes. Director: Koch Logistics.
KBX Logistics is a division of Koch Industries. Yes, the Koch Brothers.

Menna Riley

Ignite Event Management
Nature of business: “Event management services and digital (online) information packages.”
Partner: Menna Riley
Riley has been in the event management biz for a while.

Raeesa Lalani

RL Sports Media
Partner: Raeesa Lalani
Lalani describes herself as a Journalist/Athlete and works “in the world of Broadcast Media specifically with a niche focused on sports.”

Derek Brett

The Brett Law Firm, ULC
109 Isley Avenue, Dartmouth
President: Derek Brett
Brett is an American who says he moved to Nova Scotia three years ago to escape the crazed gun culture of the US. When he lived in Florida, he was a director of the American Jewish Congress from 2004 to 2010. The AJC has a long history, but by the time Brett was on board, it was probably best known for its fight against government funding of religious schools. In 2010, the AJC lost $21 million of its $24 million endowment fund in the Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme, laid off most of its staff, and toyed with joining with the American Jewish Council, which confusingly shares the acronym, AJC. At the time, James Besser, writing for This Jewish Week, had this to say about the collapse of the American Jewish Congress:

Much has been and will be written about the reasons for the AJ Congress’ demise. No doubt there were many reasons, including Bernie Madoff, who tanked its endowment.

But the biggest reason, in my book, was that the group lost sight of its core mission.

Once the AJ Congress was the very epicenter of progressive Jewish activism. It was an early leader on church-state law, on women’s equality, on poverty and social justice, but a succession of leaders, for good reasons and bad, decided to make it just another organization criticizing Israel’s critics and “fighting” anti-Semitism by issuing press releases and reports.

The AJ Congress lost its base, and its message got lost in the static of countless Jewish organizations trying to do and say the same things.

Judging by his public comments in Nova Scotia and his blog, Brett appears to have be on the progressive side AJC. His move to Nova Scotia was sponsored by the Atlantic Jewish Council for the provincial immigration nomination program.

Coffey Financial Services Inc. 
71 Parkdale Avenue, Timnberlea
President: Anthony Coffey
Coffey has been working with Investia Financial Services, a Quebec firm. 

Harper MacQuarrie Financial Services Inc. 
401 Basinview Drive, Bedford
President: Ronald B. MacQuarrie
MacQuarrie has been working with Equity Associates Inc. on the Bedford Highway. 

Sydney Harbour Investment Partners Inc.
Type: Extra-Provincial Corporation
3900 – 1 Place Ville-Marie, Montreal
Nature of business: “Real Estate and harbour port development.”
Directors: Barry Sheehy (Gaburus, NS) and Albert Barbusci (Montreal)
Wait. What? The Cape Breton Regional Municipality agreed to a contract with SHIP on Monday, December 18 and the company didn’t get around to registering until Thursday, December 22.

Adapt Research
North River
President: Milo Crowell. Directors: Jane Elgee, Milo  Crowell, Catherine Robinson, Joann Warren,  Elizabeth Cooper, Micah Linkletter, David Barrington.
Crowell is an Agricultural Technician at the provincial department of Agriculture.

Lauren Franey and Virginia Fynes

Posh Potties
Nature of business: “Portable toilet and hand wash stations.”
Partners: Lauren Franey and Virginia Fynes
Franey and Fynes own the Union St. Café in Berwick.

The Katie Belle. Photo: Cameron Shipyards’ Facebook page

Sambro Light Sailing Company Ltd. 
Directors: Nicholas Densmore and Evan Densmore
The Densmore cousins hand-built the 24-metre schooner Katie Belle in Stewiacke. As Global reported in 2015:

Evan and Nicholas Densmore, both in their 20s, were determined to launch the first ocean-going ship into the Stewiacke River since a shipbuilding ancestor did it in the late 1800s.

“[We] worked on it every day, sometimes on weekends,” Evan told Global News. “I’d estimate, between Nicolas and myself, we’ve got about 40,000 hours into it at this point.”

The self-described “hillbillies” worked on the vessel in a backyard shed behind an auto-body shop, scouring every available resource, including online auctions, for the vast array of components.

Their grandfather passed away recently, but not before helping them with the design plans, And the schooner was christened the “Katie Belle” in honour of their great-grandmother.

The Densmores have spent the past two years learning how to sail the schooner, and in sea trials up and down the east coast. They intend to turn the boat into a tourist attraction.

One crewmember, with the delightful Nova Scotian name of Chester Gourley, told CBC that the Katie Belle fullfills the dream of, yep, the Ivany Report:

“There’s Stewiacke boys on a Stewiacke-built boat. If that isn’t what the Ivany report is supposed to do, I don’t know what is.” 

Gourley says he hopes the Katie Belle continues to be an example of what’s possible in Nova Scotia. 

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that thought those two men were crazy,” he said.  

“I hope government officials, businesses, just the common workers see that this can happen. Just put your head down and do it.”

My oldest brother has built several smaller boats [Moths], which he then sailed in competitions. Such handcrafts are beyond my two-left-thumbed capability, but I gather there’s an unparalleled self-satisfaction from the exercise:

YouTube video

Lunenburg Shuttle Tours and Services
Partner: Peter Kalliecharan

Gub Gub Foods, Inc.
I don’t know what this is about.

Vegas Golden Knights Sports and Entertainment Nova Scotia Company
President: Kerry Bubolz (Las Vegas)
The NHL’s newest expansion team has registered as a Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Corporation… joining most, but not all, other NHL teams.

Outside the Lines Press
Partner: Justin Gregg

GreenVolt Atlantic Batteries
Partner: Robert Trider
Trider is the Atlantic franchisee of GreenVolt

Seokoh Canada, Inc. 
President: Sang-Hyun Yoon
Sang-Hyun Yoon is the president and a director of Korea Kolmar Holdings, which according to Reuters is “engaged in the management of its subsidiaries. Through its subsidiaries, the Company engages in the original development and design manufacturing (ODM) of cosmetics; original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of pharmaceuticals, leasing of real estates, as well as manufacturing of health foods and others.”

Chau Immigration & Visa Consulting
Nature of business: “Immigration Consulting.”
Partner: Hong Ting Chau

Inkspired Designs by Kim
Nature of business: “Making and selling handmade crafts.”
Partner: Kimberlea Walker

East Hants Outdoor Play Leadership Team
Nature of business: “Workshop presenters/coaches in outdoor play in early [education?].”
Partners: Florence MacArthur, Nancy Ivey, Collette Dunn
When I was a kid, we didn’t need coaches for outdoor play. Mom just tossed us out the door and told us not to come back until dinner, and we’d walk on fences, climb tall trees, jump on moving trains, fire rifles, and get in neighbourhood rumbles, and nothing too horrible happened. Also, get off my lawn.

Tim Bousquet is the editor and publisher of the Halifax Examiner. Twitter @Tim_Bousquet Mastodon

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    1. I assume they sell merchandise here, and it’s somehow to their benefit to do it directly rather than through another company.

    2. There’s no residency requirement for directors of companies incorporated in Nova Scotia. And a lot of the sports teams are unlimited companies (shareholders have unlimited liability under some circumstances) that offer favourable tax treatment in the US. They’re only available as a corporate entity in Nova Scotia, Alberta or British Columbia.