Petite Patrie Chocolate
President: Gabrielle Breault
I don’t know who Breault is, but she posted a cool video on YouTube of bald eagles in Canning:

YouTube video

Stark Readings
Nature of business: Psychic
Partner: Megan Stark

Brookfield Business Partners Limited
Hamilton, Bermuda
Directors: John Lacy, Patricia Zuccotti, Jeffrey Blinder, Stephen Kirsky, David Hamill, Don MacKenzie, Denis Turcotte, all of whom have Bermuda addresses. The local recognized agent is Fraser MacFayden.
Brookfield Business Partners is a local offshoot of Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, of whom David Mann, a Halifax lawyer with Cox & Palmer, is a director:

David formerly served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Scotia Power Inc. (1996-2004) and Vice Chairman (2004- 2005) and President and Chief Executive Officer (1995-2004) of Emera Inc., TSX-listed energy and services companies that invest in electrical generation, transmission and distribution. David currently serves as Counsel at Cox & Palmer (a law firm) and has over 30 years of experience in the practice of corporate and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on corporate finance and public utility regulation. He also serves as Chairman of Logistec Corporation and is the Audit Committee Chairman of Logistec Corporation and also New Growth Corporation, Acadian Timber Corp., and Allbanc Split Corp II.

The chart above shows Brookfield’s intertwined business units (found on page 5 here). It’s apparently all registered in Bermuda for tax purposes (that is, to pay less in taxes). Brookfield Power, a predecessor company to Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, co-owed the Bear Swamp pumped-storage generator in Massachusetts. (It’s basically a giant battery: the idea is that when power rates are low, like at night, water is pumped into a reservoir; when power rates a high, the water is run through a normal hydroelectric generator.)

In 2010, Brookfield “partnered” with Open Hydro to form Tidal Ventures, a tidal project near Torr Head, Scotland. This year, Open Hydro is in turn “partnering” (dog, I hate that word) with Emera to form Cape Sharp Tidal, the company now testing a turbine in the Minas Basin. It’s not clear to me if Brookfield is involved in that project, or if the company is about to embark on something else in Nova Scotia.

Leadon (Halifax) Real Estate
Halifax (registered through a Vancouver company called Leadon (Barrington) Real Estate)
Nature of business: hotel business
President: Jlaming Li, Scarsdale, New York
In the past week, Jlaming Li has registered no fewer than 15 companies with the “Leadon” name. I have no idea what this is about, but as five of the businesses have “Barrington” in the name, it’s presumably a hotel on Barrington Street. If not,  I know of someone just up the hill looking for a hotel operator…

Maritime D.O.P.E. T-shirts Halifacts & Dartmyths 
Nature of business: “To create wearable items with fun facts about Halifax and Dartmouth.”
Partner: Andrew Smith

Controlled Environment Agriculture Company
President: Leonard North
Looks like North is getting back into the mushroom business. This comes after his previous company, Valley Mushrooms, was bought by a Fredericton firm called the ADI Group, which then closed Valley Mushrooms. As reported by Wendy Elliott in King’s County News, the loss of a local source for mushrooms would hit small resellers because they wouldn’t be able to afford the volume purchases ADI requires.

Exit Certified ULC
President: Kevin Moriarty (Phoenix). Director: Brian Aeibig (Mississauga).
Moriarty and Aeibig are both associated with IT company Avnet Technology Solutions.

YouTube video

Gaels of Fundy Pipes & Drums Band Association

The Chipper Fish
Fish and Chips Truck
Partner: Donna Niehaus

President: Mark Ferrier (Toronto)
5Crowd is a Toronto marketing firm.

B.W. Blended Cocktails 
Middle Sackville
Nature of business: “I will be making mixed alcoholic cocktails and selling them  to retail clients such as the NSLC, local speciality shops and at farmers market.”
President: Samuel Woodland; CEO: Belinda Woodland

Jenn Gregory

Halifax Boudoir
President: Jenn Gregory

10023957 Canada
4 Forest Hills Parkway, Dartmouth
Natureof business: Pizza Pizza franchise
Owner/president: Josy Xavier

YouTube video

Dartmouth Floorball
Nature of business: “Playing the game of floorball.”
Partners: Barbara and Jason Stubbs

Island Cogneration No. 2 Inc. 
Director: Keith Hladek
Hladek is Chief Operating Officer at HC2, a publicly traded holding company on Wall Street. I have no idea what they’re doing in Nova Scotia.

Kaif Auto 
646 Old Sackville Road
Partner: Jamil Soomro

3303648 Nova Scotia
President: Joseph O’Connor (Malta)
O’Connor is a director of Britannia Shipping.

BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada
President: Mark Ward (Charlotte, NC)
BWXT has recently merged with GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada. I don’t know what they’re doing in Nova Scotia.

Sydney Mines Tourism Development Society
Sydney Mines
Chair: Cyril E. Aker
It’s baaack!!!!! Aker, who is the harbourmaster for the Port of Sydney, wants to place the Mother Canada™ statue at Cranberry Head in Sydney Mines.

Eastern Nova Scotia Marine Stewardship Society
President: Adam Mugridge
Mugridge and one some of the other directors are associated with Louisbourg Seafood.

YouTube video

River Nest Wilderness Cabins
Partner: Angelo Spinazzola
Spinazzola is a musician

Sea Level Brewing Company
Sheffield Mills
President: Randy Lawrence
I’m not sure why Sea Level, which has been around for a while, is just registering now.

Susie’s Sweet Shoppe
Director: Matthew Moir
Moir is a lawyer; the business so far is registered to his law practice’s address

Kids @ Research Early Learning Center
7 Rosehust Close, Halifax
Nature of business: Family Home Daycare
Partner: Sumaira Manzoor

ACL Bus Limited
Chair: James K. Irving. Co-Presidents: Robert K. Irving and James D. Irving
This is a registration for the amalgamation of ACL with PCB Bus. The Irvings also control SMT Bus, Tours Acadian, Acadian Bus Letter, Historic Halifax Tours, and Acadian Priority Pak.

The Rys Mediterranean Foods
222 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth
President: Samira Chedrawe
This is the former Pleasantway Grocery at Pleasant and Cuisack Streets.

Marley Repchull and one of her skeptical clients. Photo: Facebook

Maritime Mushing Supply
Lower Sackville
Nature of business: “Selling dog mushing equipment and other gear for dogs and their owners sourced from Canada & Europe.”
Partner: Marley Repchull

Tim Bousquet is the editor and publisher of the Halifax Examiner. Twitter @Tim_Bousquet Mastodon

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  1. I hope this becomes a regular feature. I’m a bit of a ROJSC junkie myself so this was right up my alley. And I used to live at 7 Rosehurst Close and let me tell you, there are a lot of stairs in that place to be running a daycare out of!