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You can contact any of our crew, including Tim Bousquet and Iris, using the drop-down list on this secure form. Please use a working email address where we can reach you.

TIPS: send us a tip or information relevant to one of our investigations.

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Typos and Corrections: to report those.

Iris: for donations via cheque or e-Transfer, sign-in problems, general questions, or to reach other writers not on this list. Please don’t contact Tim for these things.

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Phone: If you really need to talk to Tim, Iris, or one of the authors, send us an email using the form. We can’t promise we’ll call you back, but we’re pretty diligent about responding by email.


The Halifax Examiner is published by Tim Bousquet.

Halifax Examiner, Inc. is registered as a limited liability corporation with the province of Nova Scotia. To express concerns about the site, provide notification of possible copyright infringement, or voice any other complaints, please contact Tim Bousquet using the form or the above address.

The Halifax Examiner’s recognized agent is:
David Coles
99 Wyse Road, Suite 600, Dartmouth

P.O. Box 876, Dartmouth Main, Halifax Regional Municipality, NS   B2Y 3Z5

Note: Please do not contact Mr. Coles for anything other than legal issues! If you contact Mr. Coles just to reach Tim about non-legal issues, he’ll be mad at you and won’t want to talk to you. The way you reach Tim is you use the form.

Thank you.

One reply on “Contact Us”

  1. Tim,

    Congratulations on the launch of the Halifax Examiner.

    I’m very pleased to see you covering Province House and encourage you to keep an eye on the school board which employs 4,000 teachers and spends $400+ million annually.

    Are you open to pitches from former OpenFilers like me?

    All the best with this new venture.


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