If you’re caught in a loop (where you log in but can’t access the paywalled articles), or if you’ve received a ‘Failed payment’ notice in your email, we can help. 

The ‘Failed payment’ instructions are #2, below.

1. Log-in loop

If you repeatedly sign in, but can’t access the paywalled articles, this is probably because your subscription was paused for one of these four reasons:

A. Your account is a non-paying account in a Family subscription (formerly called a “Plus-one”), or a gift subscription. 

Solution: Email Iris, and she’ll reset it.

B. You’re a non-paying staff member or colleague of a Business/ Government subscription. 

Solution: Email Iris, and she’ll make arrangements with the owner of your account to get it restarted.

C. You used a payment method other than a credit card, like a cheque or e-Transfer. The new system has trouble recognizing these.

Solution: Email Iris

D. The billing info is missing from your account. 


  1. Log in, and on your Account page, click Payment method. If the card isn’t there, add your card again. (Some of these didn’t transfer over from the old site.)
  2. If the card is there, on your Account page click Addresses, and make sure your billing info matches that on your credit card statement, including phone number. This is for your security, to verify it’s you using the card. 
  3. Click the button at the bottom that says “Update the Billing Address used for all future renewals of my active subscriptions.”
  4. Click Save address.
  5. Back on your Account page, click My subscriptions.
  6. Under Related orders, find the pending payment, and click the Pay button.

That should restart the subscription, and you’ll get an immediate notification in your email. If not, email Iris.

2. Failed payments

If you have received a failed payment notice in your email, use the instructions at ‘D’ above to restart the subscription.

BUT If you have 4 or more failed payment notices, it’s unlikely you can restart it.

You can cancel the subscription and resubscribe: 

  1. Log in with your username or email address
  2. On your Account page, click My Subscriptions
  3. Click Cancel 
  4. Click Subscribe on the main menu at the top of the page
  5. Choose your type, frequency, and price
  6. Add your card and billing details, etc.
  7. Check out

You’ll get an emailed notice when you’re successful. Email Iris if you hit a snag.

Thank you!