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Canadian Pravda: How the Chronicle Herald fails its readers. A case study

Updated, November 7. See below. What’s the role of free press in society? It’s not a theoretical question: Halifax is the birthplace of press freedom in this country, and we pay homage to Joseph Howe for calling out corruption when he saw it. Meanwhile, reporters and editors elsewhere are being murdered for a job reporters in Canada take […]

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Ghomeshi is no Tremonti: Morning File, Tuesday, November 4, 2014

News 1. Confucius Institute Rinzin Ngodup, a Tibetan student at Saint Mary’s, says—rightly—that the Confucius Institute at the university is pure propaganda for the Communist regime in China. This is one of the educational issues I’ve been meaning to explore with the Examiner, but haven’t yet been able to get to. A Nation article from last year—”China U.: Confucius Institutes […]

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The Unique Solution: Nearly the entire $5.6 million invested by Nova Scotia Business, Inc. has evaporated

Tanya Shaw, a graduate of Dalhousie University’s Costume Studies program, created Unique Solutions Design, Ltd. in 1994. Shaw has written that the company was “originally founded to provide custom sewing patterns tailored to fit its customers’ individual measurements.” Soon Shaw was being recognized for her business accuum. In 2000, the accounting firm Ernst & Young named her […]

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Council re-cap, October 28, 2014 meeting

Development proposals Wellington Street This development proposal from Dino Capital has its neighbours greatly concerned. At issue are four adjoining parcels—1034, 1042, 1050, and 1056 Wellington Street—with a house on each that long ago were divided into apartments. The properties have “as a right” approval for additions to the houses that would result in a […]