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Deforestation Inc: Media investigation into Paper Excellence ignites concerns on Parliament Hill over the company’s mysterious ownership, Chinese ties, and rapid expansion in Canada

There is growing agreement among Members of Parliament of all parties that there is a need for a parliamentary investigation into the corporate structure of Paper Excellence. Yesterday, Charlie Angus, NDP MP for Timmins—James Bay, introduced a motion to the Standing Committee on Natural Resources asking for a debate on Paper Excellence, given recent media […]

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Houston government to make it harder for employers to require sick notes and makes it easier for health care providers to move to Nova Scotia

The Houston government is introducing legislation today to streamline what it calls administrative hurdles to health care delivery. In particular, the legislation: • makes it illegal for employers to require a doctor’s note from employees for sicknesses of five days or fewer. But should an employee take two sick leaves of five days or fewer […]

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Nurses to receive $10,000 bonus, offered a second $10,000 if they stay two more years

Surrounded by nurses and therapists working at the Dartmouth General Hospital, Premier Tim Houston and Health Minister Michelle Thompson announced $10,000 retention bonuses aimed at stemming the rising tide of departures among burnt out front-line workers.  For 11,000 registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse practitioners working in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools the cheque […]

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What Michelin wants, Michelin gets… always

I knew it. I don’t know it, of course. Not officially. Still. But that’s only because of all the usual bafflegab from all the usual sources. Let’s backtrack. Start with this Saltwire headline from last Tuesday: “Michelin to Spend $300 Million to Expand, Modernize Nova Scotia Operations.” In smaller print, there was this subhead: “Tire […]

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